50 Low & No-Prep Games for the TEFL Classroom

These games and activities are super easy to organise and play. You only need a whiteboard, some board markers, your English language learners, and you (their teacher) to play.


  • As a warmer at the beginning of a lesson.
  • To review language that has been recently taught.
  • As a fun way to end your lesson.
  • To fill time when your lesson unexpectedly finishes early!

Speaking Games and Activities

1 Question Introduction Activity

2 Truths and a Lie!


Choose Me!

Cops & Suspects

Don’t Answer!

Eyes and Artists

Hear the Difference

I Have Never…

I went to the shop

One Minute!

Rhyming Tennis

Who or What Am I?

You’re Out!

Ball Games


Suction Ball Target (language) Practice

Word Association Hot Potato

Whiteboard-based Games

9 Word Sentence

A-Z Board Race

Backs to the Board

Circle Race

Grammar Gamble

Lost in Space!


Random Word Search

Spelling Relay Race

Stop the Bus!

Team Tic Tac Toe

Whisper Race

Wordsearch Race

Card/Flashcard Games

Memory Match

Stepping Stones

What’s Missing?

Whole Class Games and Activities

Act It Out!


Change Chairs

Class Quiz

Crack the Code

Cross the Class

Memory Masters

Mind Readers

Mystery Box

Running Dictation

Word Tile Scavenger Hunt

Writing Activities

222 Story Write and Tell

Blackout Poetry

Draw Anything Story Starter

If things Could Talk

Paper Pass Stories

Word Ladder Race